DataLed Recruitment.

Increasing prediction of job performance and retention.

As a Sales Manager, Head of Sales & Sales Director our CEO hired over 100 sales people. He had a great eye for talent with many of his hires becoming sales leaders themselves or senior sales people although he always lacked data in his decision making.

When it comes to hiring talent most sales leaders feel they don’t have the data to back up their decisions and often rely on gut feel. This can lead to risks such as poor retention and slow onboarding. How can you judge if the candidate really who they say they are? Do they truly have the personal attribute they say?

Any decisions made by sales leaders on KPI’s or assessing the success of a sales & marketing campaign are now totally data led so why not when searching for talent?

We wanted to create an objective view for sales leaders which would prove your initial instincts correct or make you second guess and delve deeper into any potential concerns with the candidate mitigating risk when hiring.

That’s how we support at pursuit, not only do we find the best talent in the market but we also support sales leaders with a non biased, objective tool kit to help evolve any companies ability to predict future job performance leading to greater retention and quicker ROI for the business

Insight Led, data backed recruitment.

For a long time sales has been moving more and more towards a systematic, repeatable process that’s based on data rather than gut-feel.

Our personality and ability assessments are based on a rational model which means all our psychometric assessments have the highest predictive validity of different psychometric tests.

Candidates’ responses are always compared to a norm group of 100,000 respondents. So you can make hiring decisions based on true data.

Our Assessments.

InsightLed Recruitment Process.

1 Benchmarking

To truly understand what good looks like in your business we create a data backed profile to understand the key attributes needed to be a top performer in your team.

2 Soft Skills Selection

Alongside traditional methods such as a CV we present all candidates with a completed DataLed profile of the candidate. This allows you to look beyond a CV and at the candidates hard to measure soft skills.

3. Interview & Culture Support

We provide a DataLed interview report so can you can deliver the perfect interview and ensure the candidate will suit your culture, increasing retention.

4 Bespoke Onboarding

We help you deliver the ultimate On-Boarding experience to ensure your new starter has the best possible beginning to life in your organisation and delivers ROI quicker with a DataLed OnBoarding pack.

Candidate Reports.