Increasing your time to hire through social media.

The attraction process for most recruiters and talent teams follow the same action of saturated job boards and LinkedIn headhunting. Although both are great ways of finding talent they generally only capture proactive candidates. In competitive markets this can lead to long delays in the hiring process. 81% of people aged 18-30 use social media yet most companies don’t advertise there.

At pursuit we have sought to increase companies time to hire by changing the way they engage with candidates. Through creative content and unique digital strategies we are enabling companies to get their opportunities to candidates at scale with targeted messaging.

We help you innovate the way people are attracted to roles and in turn create pools of passive candidates, unique to your business and increase your time to hire.

Unique attraction through social media.

Companies using internal recruiters and agencies all fish from the same pond. They are only attracting proactive candidates with their job adverts.

of millennials say influencers understands them better than their friends.
Active users of social media in the UK.
of people aged 18-30 are using social media to find new products.
Average reach per post.

Our Presence.

We have partnered with a number of agencies and created a vast network of 215,000 sales influencers, content creators and brand ambassadors.

We can connect your company with this sales network within minutes by social channels, email or text message. We also have a LinkedIn network of over 3,500,000 people to utilise.

Our approach is simple, yet incredibly effective.

Step One.
Social Content.

We use a multi content approach to create engaging content to capture the attention of potential candidates. From education content, sales hints and tips, bespoke job role content, sales comedy and sector whitepapers we build a unique pool of candidates for your role.

We speak authentically to your target audience from entry level to senior candidates. Driving passive and candidates not on job boards or available on the open market to your opportunities.

This leads to a new pool of candidates, capturing the modern thinker and increasing candidate applications. Providing you with a totally unique selection of candidates for your roles.

Step Two.
Building your audience.

We take the best performing organic content for your target audience and build you bespoke audiences for your roles. We run paid adverts to ensure your content lands of the feeds of your desired audience. We target candidates by postcode, city, region & interests such as sales, relevant markets to your sector, competitors, thought leaders & specialist technology providing you the ideal candidate.

This drive views, engagements and drives applications in the areas your role is located from people not on job boards or actively looking for a role. Leading to a unique pool of candidates and increasing the speed you hire.

Platforms used: