We put our values at the heart of everything we do, from selection to service.

We are change makers – We are working to create impact at scale.

We believe in social mobility – Your background should never define your destination.

We are results driven – We pursue excellence in everything we do, energising and inspiring others through the standards we set.

We are honest but kind – Direct feedback, delivered with kindness helps others realise their full potential.

Why we are different.

Innovators – We are changing the perception of sales, providing new and unique candidates with our social first strategy & unique assessment approach.

Data Led – We provide scientific data on candidates for you to assess to support your instinct.

Cultural Compatibility – We are led by a CEO & Investors with 80 years experience of building fast growth high performing sales teams.

Providing Social Mobility – We are delivering a diverse selection of candidates based on ability not their background.

Our Mission.

To transform the way people, think about sales, making sales the number one career choice for the aspirational.

We want to help companies evolve their recruitment and grow, with the best and most diverse salespeople.

Charity Work.

Everyone in our team is passionate about what they do and the charities they support. Therefore, we raise money for different charities throughout the year across the many events we get involved with.

In 2022 our CEO Thomas Keighley played in a charity football match at Blackburn Rovers, Ewood Park raising over £22,000 towards the care costs for Alzheimer sufferers. With the spiralling costs of care this went towards ensuring they receive the care they need so the can finally be settled.

Together we’ll transform the way people, think about sales.

We are many backgrounds, mindsets and talents. All pushing in one direction.

Join us and help create sales careers for the leading talent– while accelerating your own.

Join the journey.

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